Awareness meditation


Awareness is natural meditation. When we become truly aware, we enter into meditation easily and naturally. Meditation itself is the higher state of consciousness. To be in meditation is to be fully awake and conscious. That means living consciously in the moment, living in the present with full awareness.

Live fully aware and consciously in this world. You can then see the true wonder of this world. Consciousness is the light that reveals everything. You can experience all this existence directly, and understand all of its mysteries. When you are fully awake, you exist without mind, pure and innocent. You can see and experience the world as it truly is. You can become aware of the miracle of your own existence.

Become aware of yourself, and experience mystery of your own being. Who are you, and where have you come? Who sees the world through your eyes, who hears through your ears, who feels with your hands?  Become aware of yourself, and wonder this mystery. Living consciously will change you, develop you, and help you to grow. Consciousness is the path that brings you into wisdom and understanding. It’s the way to the truth.

Conscious breathing
Conscious walking
Thoughts like clouds
Dance of awareness
Aware of the moment

Conscious breathing

Be aware of your breathing

Breathing is very close to life. Your breath flows in and out every moment of your life. Start the practice of awareness with your own breath. Take a comfortable position and relax. Become aware of your own breathing. Be conscious of air moving in and out. Be aware of your stomach rising and falling with every breath you take. Allow your body to breathe naturally, and be just a passive observer. Let your breathing flow freely, and focus only on your awareness.

Allow your thoughts to flow on, and let the world go on. Allow your awareness rest on your breathing. It will connect you in to the realit, into this moment. Allow everything else to be as it is. Focus only into your breathing. When you lose your awareness, simply notice it, and return to your breathing. Follow your breath in and out; be constantly aware of the movement of air. Just be aware. Let everything else disappear. Right now only your breathing, and your awareness of it, exists. At this moment, you can taste your own being. You can experience the wonder of your own awareness.

Or be aware of the pause between breaths

Between every breath in and breath out, there is a very small pause. Your breathing stops for a moment completely, and everything becomes still.  Become aware of this moment. Notice this moment when your inhale, and again when you exhale. Be conscious of that small moment every time your breath goes all out, or comes all in. Watch only for that moment, and nothing else.

Or be aware of the change in direction

Become aware of that small moment when your breathing in changes direction into the breath out, and again when your breath out changes to the breath in. Be conscious of constantly changing directions of your breathing.

Or be aware of merging on either end

Become of aware either at the moment your breath comes all in, and merges your body, or when it goes all out, and merges with the whole. Choose either, and be aware only other the end of your breathing. When you become completely filled with the breath and it becomes one with you, or when you become completely empty of it, and it becomes one with the world.

Or be aware in prayerful mood

Practice any of the previous methods like you were praying. Practice it like you would practice worshipping; breathing is divine act, and air you breathe is a sacred substance. Be aware of breathing with loving, caring heart. Feel that when the breath moves in and out, divine moves with it, in and out.

Differences between these methods may seem to be very small, but that small difference might be the right key to your heart.



Conscious walking

Be aware of your every step

Walking is an another natural thing for us. This method is might be better for you if you like move around, and sitting still does not feel natural to you. Start this method by walking around slowly, while keeping your eyes on the ground ahead of you. Become aware of your own footsteps, and feel the soles your feet touch the ground. Be aware of your every step, and walk very slowly and calmly.

Take your every step with your whole consciousness. Experience the every step you take one by one; take each of them with the full awareness. Only the step you are currently taking exists. The previous one has been left behind, and the next one has not come yet. Only this one step exists. Only this moment is. With this, you will wake up and become truly aware, truly alive. Every step expands and deepens your awareness.

You can use this method alternatively with the breathing method. Sit and watch your breath, and when you become tired of it, stand up and walk. You can change between moving and staying still, while staying continuously awake.



Be aware of everything in yourself

Become aware of your own body, your emotions, your thoughts, and yourself. First become aware of your body. Focus all your attention to your body, and feel your body inside and outside. Experience and become conscious of everything in your body; every position, every motion of muscles, and every sensation you feel. Close your eyes, and sense your body from within. Be conscious of everything within your body from head to toes, at every moment. Let your consciousness flow within your body, and experience every part of it.

You can become aware of your body easier when you are moving slowly and deliberately, yoga or similar practice can help you in this. Keep being aware of your body in everything you do. At the every moment, sense your own body. Keep doing this at least for three months, until your awareness is rooted deeply into your body, and you can keep your awareness of it through a whole day.

Now expand your awareness into your emotions. Become aware of your emotions within your body. Be conscious of the flow of emotions and changes in them, everything you feel within yourself. Expand your consciousness to include both your body and your emotions at the same time. Be aware of the every motion and nuance of your emotions, and their effect to your body and your movement, and how they are influenced in turn by your body. Your body and your emotions are constantly affecting each other. They mirror each other, and when you become aware of this, they all become part of your whole being.

Practice this at least for three months.  When you can be aware of your emotion everywhere and in all situations, become aware of your thoughts. Be conscious of every thought that flows through your mind, together with your body and your emotions. Expand your consciousness to include everything in you; body, emotions and thoughts. Be aware of your thoughts coming and going in your mind. Be aware how everything is subtly connected to each other, and the each side of you affects constantly other sides. You are one single being; body, emotions and thoughts are all part of the same being. When your consciousness expands to include everything, you become whole. Your body, emotions and thoughts become harmonious together.

When you become fully aware of your body, you realize that you are not your body. When you are truly conscious of your emotions, you realize that you are separate from them. When you become aware of the nature of your thoughts, you realize that they are not you either. What is left is the pure consciousness that surpass everything in you. Then you can become aware of the one that knows it all. Return your consciousness to yourself, and become aware of the source of everything.


Thoughts like clouds

Watch your thoughts like clouds on the sky

Take a comfortable position, close your eyes, and become aware of your thoughts. Relax, and watch them like you would watch clouds floating on the sky, passive, without any purpose. Be like the clear sky where clouds can drift freely. Let your thoughts move whenever they want to, appear into your mind when they appear, and disappear when they disappear. Withdrawn away from your thoughts, and allow them to flow freely. Only watch and be aware.

There is nothing you have to do. Allow clouds come and go. You can let them be, you do not have to do anything to them. Only be aware, without any expectations, without any attitude. You are pure consciousness that mirrors everything as it is. You are like a calm surface of water that mirrors clouds as they are, without affecting them in any way, and you will not be affected by them in turn.

Someday your thoughts will slow down, and then they will start to disappear. It happens all on itself, without you. You only need to observe it to happen. Only the pure, clear sky is left behind. This space is always been in you, hidden behind your thoughts. You have not noticed it before, because it has always been covered by your thoughts. This space, this inner sky, is your consciousness. This infinite space is you. At that moment you will realize that you are more than just your thoughts. You can exist without them. You are an unlimited existence beyond the mind. You are pure consciousness.

When you have learned this method, you can use it everywhere you are. You can be constantly aware of the flow of your thoughts. You can experience your inner sky in any place, at any time.


Dance of awareness

Be aware in every act

When we are moving, we are usually more conscious and awake than usual. When you are moving and dancing you can be aware more easily and naturally. This method works better for you if you feel that being still difficult. Arrange a quiet space for your meditation. Begin to move slowly and deliberately. Dance slowly and consciously. Be fully aware of every motion, for every moment. Move according what you are feeling inside, and allow your body to flow from a different position to another.

Move even slower, more harmoniously and beautifully. Your every movement is fully aware and conscious. Be present in every move your body makes. Your awareness will expand to every part of your body. Experience your body in movement, and know every motion. Be present in the motion, be the motion. When you move your hand, you move your consciousness with it. Dance slowly this dance of awareness.

All the movement you make can be done consciously. Walking, running, swimming and cycling, they are all motions in different forms. You can be fully aware at the each moment, and experience the wonder of motion. Consciousness in motion is very alert and alive. Be aware of every moment of your body and everything around you. Dance this dance of conscious motion in every way and everywhere you are.



Aware of the moment

Be aware in the present

Focus your awareness away from your thoughts, and bring it fully into the present moment. Become aware of what is right now, at this very moment. What are you feeling right now, what are you seeing right now, what are you hearing right now. Focus your whole awareness at this moment. Be aware of this moment you are living right now; be aware of your presence right here. Be present in everything you do, aware at the every moment. Forget the past and the future. Live only at this moment.

Live consciously right at this moment. Experience the miracle and beauty of the now. Enter into this moment, and live in the now with your whole being. Be aware in the present everywhere, in everything you do. Focus your whole attention to this moment, to this place and time. Enter deeper and deeper into this magical moment, and you will step from time to eternity.

The past and the future belong in time. This moment belongs to eternity. Only this moment is real. From this moment you can go always deeper and deeper in the moment, deeper into the eternity. Be aware and conscious in this very moment. Enter consciously deeper in the being in the present. Then you will experience your own eternity. In this moment you are eternal.


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