Heart meditation


Your heart is the way of love into meditation. Love is the key that opens the gate into spiritual experience and growth. We all want and need love. With these methods of heart you can finally experience all love that you have ever wanted. Meditation can bring you into unlimited and unconditional love.

Love has the power to transform everything. It will heal wounds in your heart, and help you to become whole again. There is deep peace and tranquility within your heart, and you can experience it when you enter into it. You can experience the world through your heart, see it with the eyes of heart, and you will see beauty and wonder of the existence. The heart has the miraculous power to change evil to good, darkness to light. Live your life within your heart, and discover the beauty of this world.

Sensing with heart
Love everything
Feeling compassion
Rose of Heart
Peaceful heart
Alchemy of heart


Sensing with heart

Connect all your senses into the center of your heart

See and experience everything with your heart. The true center of your heart is in the middle of your chest. That point is the place where love and peace are felt. Connect all your senses into this center. See, hear and feel with this center. You can see everything with the eyes of heart, hear everything with the ears of heart, and feel everything with your heart.

Watch everything from your heart. Imagine that your eyes are connected directly into the center of your chest. Everything you see, you see from there, from the center of your heart. You are right there, in your own heart. See the world from within your heart. Listen to all sounds through your heart. Imagine that your hear everything from within your heart. You live within your own heart.

When you touch something by your hands, feel that sensation in your heart. The center of your heart is the center of your every sense. When your hand touches something, your heart touches it. Your hands become extension of your heart. Smell and taste everything from your heart. All your senses flow directly into your heart. This is living and experiencing life through the heart. The world you see and feel through your heart is much gentler and loving. It's the world filled with love and beauty.



Love everything

Love is a wonderful experience. We have all felt it sometimes. We have all loved another person, and been loved. There are many kinds of love, yet love is always same. You can experience this feeling anytime you want. You can love consciously by your own choice. You can open your heart to love all and everyone, and be loved by everyone.

At the beginning your love may be just faint possibility. Make your love grow deeper and stronger by constantly loving. Experience love with more intensity and depth, and feed it within your heart, until the small flame of your love will become like the sun. The flow of love in your heart will grow, until it will embrace the whole universe.

Love everything and become love

Remember feeling of love. Remember any moment in your life when you felt deep love. Remember what you felt in your heart in that moment. Recall that feeling, and feel it within your heart. Now you can direct this feeling of love towards anything you want to. Feel it in your body, and let it follow through your eyes. Love everything you are looking at, everything your eyes happen to focus on. Your eyes become the eyes of love.

Feel love within your body, and direct it through your hands. Love everything you touch, and your touch becomes love. Love everything you listen to, and hearing becomes love. Love also yourself. Love your body, your mind, your thoughts, everything your love. Open your heart to embrace and love yourself. Touch, hear, and look at yourself lovingly. Melt into love, and disappear into it. Be completely filled with love, and become love.

Become the channel of love, and let it flow through you. Embrace the world, and let your love spread to the whole universe. Immerse yourself into love; let it fill your whole being. Love everything and everybody you encounter, everything that exists. Love, until only love remains. You disappear, and only love remains.

Or allow everything to love yourself

This method can also be done in other direction. Feel that everything you see loves you. Love flows into you through your eyes. Everything that touches you loves you. Every touch is love, love flows into you through touching. Everything you hear loves you. Sounds come into you with love, and vibrate in you lovingly. Everything that exists loves and accepts you unconditionally. You are the receiver of the all love in the universe.

Surrender to the love of the whole existence. Feel how the universe radiates love into you from every direction. The whole embraces you, accepts you, and loves you. Love flows into you from everywhere in the universe. In this world you are always loved, always accepted, at every moment. Accept the gift of love. Receive all of it completely, and open your being to the love of existence. Immerse into this love, melt into it, and become love.



Feeling compassion

Feel compassion for everything that exists

Feel compassion towards everything that exits. Remember those you love most. Remember your family, your friends, and your lover. Imagine them in your mind. See them, hear their voices, feel their presence. Feel compassion for them. Feel compassion with your whole heart, and accept them completely. Open your heart to your loved ones, and let your compassion flow into them. Become the channel of compassion, and let it flow through you.

Expand your compassion to include those who you barely know. Feel compassion for your acquaintances, and for all those people you have no strong attachments. Feel all-accepting compassion for your neighbors, passersbys, and everyone you have ever met. Open your heart to everyone you are able to recall, and give them the gift of your compassion.

Expand your heart even more, and feel compassion for those you do not like. Feel compassion for those you fear and hate. Feel compassion towards your enemies, those you think differently than you, or those you believe are doing wrong things. Your ability does not depend on other people and their doings. It depends only on you. Only then it can be called true compassion. An ability to feel compassion is within your own heart. When you feel compassion, you will become liberated from your anger and hatred. You will find the true freedom. Give all of them the gift of your compassion, by your own free will.

Now feel compassion for yourself. Sometimes it can be the most difficult part to do. Feel compassion for yourself, for you are also worth of it. You are also part of this world. Focus all your compassion for yourself. Embrace yourself, and everything in you. Give yourself the gift of compassion, and accept yourself as you are.



Rose of heart

Grow rose of love within your heart

Imagination is the bridge that connects you into your heart. Your heart understands imagination better than words. When we imagine it within our hearts, we can awaken love within us. Love that is born with it is endless and limitless. Imagination opens the door in your heart, and brings out the love of your whole heart.

Imagine that all love within you takes a form of beautiful rose. Feel how all love and light of your heart is in that flower, and is that flower. Feel that this rose lives within your heart, and spreads around the gentle scent of love.

Imagine your rose growing bigger, and feel that your love also grows and deepends. The rose spreads its beautiful scent farther and farther around you. Grow your rose even bigger, and let it fill your whole being. Expand it to fill whole room, then the whole house, and finally the whole world. Let your love fill up the whole world, and let the loving scent of your rose spread everywhere.


Peaceful heart

Feel peace within your heart

The heart is the center of inner peace. You can experience peace and tranquility within your heart. The depths of your heart are always peaceful. The heart is the source of peace and love. With this meditation, you can experience your inner peace, and help it grow deeper and stronger.

Take a comfortable position, and relax your whole body completely. Imagine deep peace descending within your chest, in the area between your armpits. Imagine it fulfilling your heart and your whole chest. Allow peace and tranquility to enter into you. Relax, and rest in this calmness amd harmony. Feel that you are perfectly safe, and everything is all right. Let everything else go. Let peace and calmness fulfill you, let it expand and deepen within you. Rest deeply in that feeling of peace within your chest, be totally immersed into it.

You will learn to carry this peace within you everywhere you go. This is inner peace, and once you have found it, it will always be with you.



Alchemy of heart

Transform darkness to light within your heart


The heart has the power to transform evil to good, darkness to light. With your heart you can transform your pain and anger to love and joy. You can change fear to courage, and weakness to strength by your heart. This is the all-transforming power of love. This is the inner alchemy of the heart.

Breathe in deeply, and with that breath gather all darkness and evil from you, and draw it into your heart. Take your pain, misery and fear from your body into your heart . Receive it all, and embrace it. Welcome all of it into your heat. Open your heart to your pain, and embrace it lovingly.

Now breathe out, and breathe light and love into your being, all joy and happiness you can imagine. Replace darkness with light with your heart. Take in darkness, and breathe out light. Breathe in deep, and with each breath draw all darkness from your being into your heart. Breathe out all light and good from your heart into your being.

Go through your whole body and being. Explore every part of you. Find all negativity, all evil, fear and hatred. Take them into your heart with every breath in. Replace them with every breath out with the all positive and goodness from your heart.  

Soon you will discover how feelings begin to change into another. Your heart begins to transform energy. You will notice how your darkness will to slowly to transform into light. Emotions will transform completely to other emotions. Evil transforms to good, anger to love and pain to joy within you. This is the mystical power of heart, the alchemy of heart.

When you have transformed everything in you, when you have cleansed yourself from darkness and changed it into light, it is time to do same to the world. Take the darkness and pain of the whole world into you. Breathe out all light and love from within. Transforming the whole world begins within you. When you have found the secret of heart, you can change the world. Love has the power to change the whole world.


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