We all experience all kind of emotions during our lives. We feel joy and happiness, sorrow and fear. We love and hate. New emotions are born within us, we live through them, and then they are gone. But sometimes we don’t experience them completely. We may not be able to understand or accept certain emotions within us, or we may be unable to deal with them in that moment. We may avoid them, deny them, and suppress them.

These emotions will not disappear. They will slowly accumulate within you. They will remain hidden in your body, and within the depths of your heart. Denying and repressing them constantly will waste away your strength and energy. These repressed emotions will gather in you, until they will become a wall that separates you from your own heart. Then you will be unable to recognize or feel your own emotions, and you will lose your sensitivity to your feelings. Then nothing will be able to move your heart, and your life does not seem to have any meaning, because it’s your emotions that give meaning to everything.

A catharsis means releasing and purifying your emotions. Cathartic methods will reawaken all your hidden and repressed feelings. They are keys to open your heart, so that you can once again live and express those denied emotions. The way to be free from these unwanted emotions is to openly encounter them, and live through them again.

You can then finally let go of them, and be released from all this burden you have carried within you. Accept all your emotions totally. Remember that they are all part of you. Nothing in them will harm you in any way. All those heavy emotions will be released, and you will be finally free of them. Then you will regain your sensitivity and your ability to feel. You can live and experience your true emotions once again. You will be able to find again your innocence, and the wonder of living in this world.

Laughter and tears
Catharsis of dance
Primal shout
Releasing control
Encounter fear

Laughter and tears

Release your laughter and tears

Begin the catharsis with laughter and tears. They are natural ways to express joy and sorrow. When you can laugh and cry freely, you will notice your life become lighter and more beautiful. Tears will wash away your sorrow, and laughter will help you to find your joy again.

Start this practice by laughing.  Find yourself a secure place where you will not be disturbed by anyone. Take a comfortable position either by sitting or lying down, and begin to laugh. Continue laughing even if it feels strange or difficult. When you keep laughing your body will react to it naturally, and you will soon be really laughing.

Laugh freely, and let all hidden and repressed joy to flow out. You have repressed a lot of joy and fun in your life. Let it all out and express it with laughter. Laughter will benefit you greatly. You can find again the joy of living. You can laugh every day, whenever you wish, it does no reasons. You can choose laughter and joy any time you want to.

When you have rediscovered your laughter, tears will be much easier. Begin to cry same way, without any reason. Soon you will discover your sorrow, and you will cry for real. Allow your tears flow out. Release all the sorrow, pain and fear along with your tears.  Experience the cleansing and healing power of tears. Tears will wash away all the sorrow and unhappiness in you.

When you have laughed and cried, be quiet for a moment, and become aware of your feelings. Experience everything within you. Become aware of your heart, and change in your being. Laughter and tears are part of the natural expression. They will help in many ways, they have a power of healing your heart. You will become liberated in many ways.


Catharsis of dance

Express your emotions with dance

Dancing is the one of the oldest ways to deeply experience and express all those emotions that cannot be expressed by words. It’s a natural way to recall and release your hidden and repressed emotions and traumas. Our bodies have their own language; the language of the movement. When you repress your emotions, you use your muscles to forcefully hold them down. They will become hidden tensions within your body. When you keep doing this, these tensions will accumulate within you, and your body will become stiff and unresponsive. You can release all these bent up emotions with the natural movements of your body.

Start this practice with trembling. Stand up, and tremble. Shake up your whole body. Make your whole body shake and tremble, so that you will become trembling. Your muscles will start releasing their tensions, and repressed emotions will start to resurface. You can feel your emotions again. Feel your whole body become loose, and let your emotions flow out. Feel them again, and tremble in their power. Your emotions will become part of shaking, and move your body.

When you have found your emotions, start dancing. Dance with the whole force of your emotions. Express all of them with your movements. Become your emotions, and let them move your body. Dance wildly without inhibitions, and allow your body move freely. Express everything through dancing. Release all of your hidden emotions, and allow your body to express them in their totality.

Dance to the point of exhaustion. Then lie down quietly, and become aware of your emotions. Relax, and let all tensions disappear. Let go of everything, and just lie down. Be aware of emotions moving within you. Allow it all flow away, and just rest. Your whole being has now become lighter, and more sensitive.


Primal shout

Release your emotions by shouting

Pure voice without words is one of the ways to express your true emotions. All of your emotions can be expressed and released by just your voice. Sound can bring out feelings from the depths of your heart. A Single shout directly from your heart can release years of emotional burden.

For this method, you need a place where nobody will hear you. Start by shouting in quiet, steady voice using just a single vocal. Let it flow out naturally and effortlessly. Allow your voice vibrate everywhere in your body. When you feel your voice warming up and relaxing, it’s the time express everything. Shout out from the depths of your soul. Shout out all of your anger and pain, all those emotions suppressed within you.

Shout with your whole body, and let your voice flow out freely. Include everything you feel within your voice. Be aware of the vibrations of your voice everywhere in your body, how it wakes up your emotions, and releases all of them out. Let go of all your hidden and repressed feelings, all your pain, anger and misery. Liberate yourself with the power your voice.


Releasing control

Release your inner constrains

This method is about letting go of your limitations, and releasing your inner control. You can let go of your inhibitions and constrains, and find again the natural expression of your body. You can release tensions and limitations in you that even you were not aware before. You can then experience the freedom of living once again.

Arrange yourself an area where you can move the way you want, and where you will not accidentally break something or hurt yourself. Start this method by breathing. Breathe in and out quickly and irregularly. Break the regular rhythm of your breathing, and you will confuse the mechanism of your inner control. The chaotic breathing can unbalance your mental control over your body.

When you are feeling lightheaded, just let go. Do whatever comes to your mind. Let your body act freely, and act on every impulse. Jump, shout, do strange and crazy things. Allow your body move freely, and express it the way it wants. Forget all your inhibitions and self-control. Release all the madness in you, release all control and constrains. Experience the total freedom of self-expression. Let everything go, and become free.

Lie down and rest quietly after that.  Become aware of your emotions. You can learn to understand yourself very deeply at this moment. This method can bring out long forgotten memories and feelings.  Your chains and constrains within you have released for a while. You can feel the depths of your heart. When you do this method, many long-forgotten constrains within you have released, and you can feel this liberation in your whole being.



Encountering fear

Encounter your fear

You can also encounter your emotions directly, without any methods. You can simply be quiet, and experience your feelings as they are. The only obstacle for this is your own fear. Because of fear you suppress your emotions, and constrain your life. Fear is your inner prison and your true chains. When you overcome your fear, you will finally find your freedom, and discover your wings. You can truly live again.

Remember the feeling of fear, and all the things you fear. Imagine that they all come true and happen right now, one fear at the time. Accept that your fear comes true, that it happens, and encounter it directly. Allow it to enter into you, and fear with your whole being. Experience it deeply and openly. Fear from your heart, and tremble in your fear. Experience all the terror with your whole being. Encounter all of it directly, and look into the eyes of your fear.

Encounter your own fear in your own hear. Let it all come into you. Accept it totally, embrace it.  Fear and tremble. Experience your fear to depths of your being.  Follow it to its roots, to the foundation of your fear. Follow the feeling of fear, and find all emotions that hide behind it. Fear is often just the result of some past wound or trauma. Your fear may be just avoidance of that experience.

When you encounter that experience again, directly, you can be free from your fear permanently. All your fears can be released like this. You can also do same with all other emotions. You can encounter them directly. Experience them to the depths, and find their roots. Experiencing them fully will liberate you from them totally.

When you are liberated from your fears, you will find your wings, and the whole sky is open for you again


After catharsis

Catharsis will help you to release all those bend up emotions you have collected for years. You can throw them out and be free of them. Then you will become more sensitive and open, and meditation will be much easier. You can let go of your emotional burden. However, it does not necessary mean permanent change in you. If you continue to act the same way you have done before, you will collect same burden again, and need release once again.

True change comes with meditation. You can change the way you encounter and deal with your emotions. Your emotions will develop and transcend, and you will grow. Meditate with your emotions, and achieve the true and permanent change.

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