Meditation on feeling

These methods are for meditating with emotions, desires and experiences. They can change the way you feel and experience everything. When you meditate with them, your emotions will begin to transcend into something greater. They will become deeper and more beautiful. Sorrow will become joy, and joy will become bliss. Anger will transform into love, and love will transcend into the oneness. You will become more open and sensitive, and more capable to experience deeper and richer emotions. When you truly know and experience your feelings in their totality, they will be changed forever.

These methods will help you to accept your emotions, and experience life more deeply. You will be released from the chain of negative emotions, and you will no longer gather repressed feelings within you. Accept all of your emotions, and you can already feel the change within. Embrace your feelings, and become transformed.  


Total experience
Positive emotions
Return to the source
Becoming master
Accepting and releasing


Total experience

Experience everything with your whole being

When you experience any emotion, become filled by this emotion. Experience it with your whole being. Live it consciously. Experience every feeling and emotion you have with your whole being. Become filled by emotions; feel them with your whole being, with total intensity. Become one with the feelings, and experience them fully. Allow emotions to fill you, and permeate you completely.

We experience many things and emotions in our lives. Usually those experiences will just flow by, leaving no mark within us, without affecting us in any way. We only experience them mentally, with lukewarm feelings. We wander around like sleepwalkers, excepting that something miraculous will happen in the future. Live deeply now, at this very moment, and experience everything you feel. Then you can taste the wonder of living and being. This wonderful and miraculous life is already here with you. Drink deep from the cup of life, and live.

Only this moment exist. Everything beautiful and wonderful happens at this very moment. When you see light reflecting on water, it may awaken something in you, feeling of beauty and wonder. Usually it would be small feeling and pass by soon. Yet it can be so much more. Taste it deeply in that moment, and feel it within you. Embrace it, delight in it. Sometimes the cup of life will be sweet, so delight in it. Sometimes it will be bitter, so accept it. When you embrace both, you will be truly able to taste the wonder of living. Then all experiences will become blessing.

Experience this way all your emotions and feelings, both positive and negative. Experience the sorrow and happiness, anger and love, fear and courage. Feel them to their depths, be filled with them. Experience them totally, with every cell in your body. Embrace everything you feel and experience. Then you will be more than them, and you will surpass them, go beyond them.  Their nature will then change. When you experience everything totally, they will all expand you, help you to grow. They will burn within you, and be gone. You will then be able to feel totally alive, and your fear will disappear. You can accept the reality just as it is. All emotions are part of living, and beauty of it. Everything has its place and meaning in this world.


Positivive emotions

Experience satisfaction with your whole being

When you feel any satisfaction, immerse yourself into that feeling. Experience it with your whole being, be filled with it. When you feel any joy or satisfaction about anything, for any reason, experience it totally. Expand it, feel it, delight in it. Immerse yourself into any positive emotion or feeling, feel it with totality. Even when you drink just a glass of water, you will experience some sort of satisfaction. Delight in that satisfaction with your whole being. When you feel the wind on your skin, gentle warmth of the sunlight, delight in it all, enjoy everything deeply.

There are so many things that can give you pleasure. Become aware of all of them, and open up for joy. When you see or hear something beautiful, experience it with your whole being. Feel it within your heart, from the depths of your soul. Experience that feeling, and be totally be filled with it. When you experience it with your total being, that small moment of beauty will become wondrous and magical experience. Then every moment is filled with miracles, with wonder, with light. Every experience can be full of joy and bliss of living, when you experience them with total awareness.

Focus totally on positive, and it will grow within you. More joy you feel, more you will be able to experience. Your whole being will become positive. You will realize that you are able to enjoy about everything in this world. This method will help you to be happy and joyful in any place and in any moment in this world. This will liberate you, because then your joy will not depend on things outside of you. There will be no need to run after things anymore, or cling into anything. You can freely enjoy any situation. You will become full of light and bliss. Then meditation, spiritual growth, all of it will be very easy and natural.


Return to the source

Follow your emotions to their source

Follow all emotions to their source. Feel where all experiences flow out, and follow them back. Experience every emotion and desire deeply as possible, and follow it back like a flow of river to the source of it. Experience everything to the very bottom, and enter through emotion into their source. Follow your every feeling this way, to their beginning, to their source. This source is you.

The flow of emotions will eventually take you to yourself, because you are the source of all feelings in you. This will have several consequences. Firstly all the energy contained in feelings and desires will return to you. Emotions take energy. Every time you feel emotions or desires, your energy will go out with them, and out of you. This is why anger seems to give you sudden burst energy, but will also make you tired quickly. Strong emotions and desires burn out your energy, and usually you will get nothing much out of them. When you follow any emotion to your source, all that energy will return to your source, to you.

Secondly, you will realize that you are the source of your emotions. Then you will have no need to blame your circumstances or other people about your own negative emotions. You can take responsibility of them, and you will no longer be controlled by the outside world. You will also realize that your positive feelings come out of you. You will understand that you do not need specific persons, things or situations feel love or happiness. You can be liberated from all your addictions, and you will no longer need to cling anything. You are the ultimate source of your emotions. When you truly realize this, you are finally able to take responsibility your own life.

Finally, and most importantly, your emotions will lead you back to yourself.


Becoming master

When you feel need to act, stop and become aware

When you feel any need to act or do something, stop and become aware. Freeze on that spot, and do not move. Become aware what you are feeling in that exact moment. Be only aware, watch and feel. Observe carefully everything that happens within you, every motivation and desire that moves you right now.

There is always some need or desire behind your every act. Unconscious instincts and learned habits dictate every moment of your life. Greed, anger, fear and blind habits control you instead of you consciously deciding what you wish to do. You may wish to be thin, but you eat. You wish to stop smoking, but you smoke. You do things in anger which you repent later. Yet you do those mistakes again and again. You are like a puppet that dances with invisible threads controlling your every movement. Those threads are your unconscious needs, desires and habits. They are your real masters. This is your reality right now.

The basis of this method is to simply become aware. Every time you feel the need to do anything, eat, smoke, express emotion, or to act in a certain way, stop and become aware. True meaning of this practice is simply to understand and be aware. When you truly understand your motivations, you will become free. Right now you are like a robot, following blindly your orders, without questioning anything. This method can make you aware, conscious and free. This method can help you to become a real human.

Fighting against yourself and your desires is useless, because you will always be one who loses. When you become aware, all the fighting becomes unnecessary. Treads can control you only when they are invisible. The light of the consciousness will cut all threads. There is no need to struggle or fight, just being aware is enough. The truth liberates immediately. Emotions and desires themselves do nothing to you; they have no power of their own, you are one who gives them power over you. You will take your life into your own hands, and you will finally become the master of your own self.

Begin with easy needs. When you feel need to drink a glass of water, and you notice your body moving towards it, stop at the middle of movement. Stop right at the moment instantly when you become aware of your body moving into the act. Freeze at the exact position you are, and become aware. Feel your emotions. Look deep within yourself. When you truly become aware of the desire, you will suddenly be free. You can act if you wish, or leave it to be. The choice will be yours. If you decide to do it, act with deliberate awareness. When you fully conscious of your feelings and needs, you will be free at this very moment. Whatever you will do, you will act out of your awareness. You will only do things you wish to do, deliberate and consciously.

Or when you feel desire, consider it, then quit suddenly

When you feel any desire, consider it deeply. Become aware how the desire is born within you, how it lives within you. Know and understand it completely. When you have become fully conscious of your desire, quit it suddenly. If your understanding is real, then it will be very easy and effortless. If it feels difficult to do, it means your awareness is not deep enough. Become more aware, and go deeper.

Right now you are just slave to your desires. They control you all the time, whether you are aware of it or not. You can speak about the free will, but your will is just the collection of desires right now. Choices you make are just choices between different desires. You have not chosen your desires, they have all come uninvited. This method will make you master of your own self. You will achieve control over your desires, and you can quit or awaken any desire as you wish.

These two methods will make you the true master of your own self.


Accepting and releasing

Accept everything totally

Accept everything that exists. Accept the world exactly as it is. Accept yourself, your thoughts, emotions and your whole life as it is. Accept everything that happens or has happened to you and everyone else. Accept everything totally, without any conditions. Accepting will heal and make you whole. When you can accept everything in you, to your very depths, you will become whole again. If you cannot accept something, accept that feeling also. Accept your inability to accept, and you will enter onto the path of becoming whole.

When you reject something in you, you will split into the parts. When you reject the world, you will lose the reality. Accept, and everything will become whole. Embrace everything, take everything as a blessing. You and your world become one again. You will be whole and harmonious once again. All of your wounds will heal. You can be truly happy again. Acceptance will liberate you from all the weight you have been carrying, all the resentment, all unfullfilled desires, all unnecessary things. When you accept everything completely, you are completely free.

Or let go of everything

Let go of your body, your emotions, your thoughts, your self, and your whole life. Let go of all your beliefs, desires and ambitions. Release everything you have been holding on, and be free. Let go of yourself, and experience the true liberation. You are the one that shackles you. Everything in this world flows free, only you hold tight and get stuck. Nothing in this world constricts or binds you in any way. Let go, and you are immediately free.

Allow the life to flow free. Release all tensions. Let go of your thoughts and emotions, and let them flow into you, and away from you. Relax, and let the river of life carry you. When you let go of the past, you will make room for something better and greater. When you release all those scraps you have been carrying, then infinite richness and beauty of living can flow into you.

This method works well with the acceptance. When you accept, you can let go. When you let go, you can accept it. You can use these two methods alternatively at the beginning, but in the end you must choose either one; accept everything and embrace the world, or let go of everything, even the nothingness. They will both lead you to the same end; relaxing into the river of life, and liberation from everything.


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