Meditation on existence

These methods are meditations with your own existence, and the oneness with everything. These methods can give you great bliss and ecstasy, and the experience of being one with the all that exist. You can become aware of your own existence, and go beyond your limited self. You can experience pure bliss of existing and being one with the whole.

Experiencing existence
Including everything
Being one with dance
Disappearance of limits

Experiencing existence

Feel that you exist

Become aware of your own existence. Feel that you exist, here and right now. Feel the reality of your own being. You are. Realize your own existence like a flash of lightning. Know that you exist, and will you know the bliss. Just being aware that you truly exist is blissful. Remember this experience everywhere, in everything you do. Be constantly aware of your existence, and you will become truly real. You will have true existence.

You can go deeper and deeper into that experience. Experience the bliss of the existence. This experience is the opposite of living in the mind. Thoughts and the visions of the mind are dreamlike, far from this moment and reality. You can suddenly step past of your own mind, and experience the true existence. That moment you will see the world as it truly is, and experience the bliss of being.

Feel existence of the world

When you have felt your own existence, when you have tasted your own being, you can expand this meditation. You can feel that the world exists. Feel and experience the existence of whole. The world around you is right here, right now. Everything you see, hear and feel exists at this moment. Explore this miraculous world, and wonder the existence of all that is.

Feel existence of both

Take this method even deeper. Unite both of those feelings. Feel the existence of world, and include your own existence into it. You are, and the world is. Wonder this miraculous world that is, and you that is within it. Everything exists, right now and right here.


Including everything

Include everything into yourself

Open yourself to the all that exist. Take the whole universe within you. Include everything into yourself, into your being. First, feel that your body is inside of you. Your hands, your feet, your whole body is inside of your being. Feel their existence within you, be aware of all of them at the same time. Include everything into your field of awareness.

Expand yourself, and include your own mind. Include every thought flowing inside of you; be aware of your thoughts as well as your body. Add your emotions and feelings, and everything that is into you. Everything you can feel and be aware of, everything that you are, include it all into yourself. Embrace all of it, and take it within you. Include everything inside of you; you are aware of it all, simultaneously. Your field of awareness includes everything that is you.

Expand your being even more, and include the whole world. Take inside of you all that you can see, and all that you can hear and feel. Everything that is around you is included into your being. Sitting in your own room you can include whole room, then whole house, and then the world. When you walk on a street, include into you houses, scenery, and everyone you meet. Embrace the whole world.

Expand yourself even more. Include the whole planet into you, and then the whole existence. Embrace the universe with your being, and take it all in. Everything that is, rests within you, inside of you. Carry whole existence within yourself. This is the world embracing meditation. Accept everything that is into you. At this moment, everything that exists is included within you. Everything is part of you, and in you. You are the whole.

Let the world include you

You can experience it another way, too. The universe can include you. All things have two sides. When a drop joins into the ocean, the ocean will join into the drop. When you seek oneness with all that is, the existence will seek oneness with you. Surrender yourself to the whole. Let it include you within.

Experience that the world includes you, and everything in you. Experience your whole being included inside of this world. Feel how all that you see, hear and feel includes you, you are now part of it all, and you are included into it. Accept and receive the embrace of whole. Feel how you are included into all that is. Feel how you are part of it all. You are part of this boundless ocean.


Being one with dance

Become one with everything you do

Dance with your whole being. Dance with your body and mind, with your whole heart and everything you have. Give your whole being to the dance, and immerse yourself into it. Surrender yourself to it. Go deeper and deeper into your dance, and disappear into it. Dance until lines between you and the dance disappear. Become the dance. Feel that you are dancing itself. You have become the rhythm; you are movements of your body. You became the dance itself, and disappear within it. Melt into this moment, into this dance. Become the dance, and let it move by itself.

You can do this with everything you do. You can do any action so deeply that you become part of it, you become the action itself. You can run with passion, giving it everything, so that you become one with it. Do everything you do with your whole being and awareness. Become one with your actions. This way you will find oneness in the action.



Disappearance of limitations

Allow everything to flow freely into you, and merge within you

Imagine that the whole world flows freely into you, and merges together within you. All boundaries between the inner and the outer world disappear. All light, sound and sensations flow straight into you, and they melt together within you. You are completely open, and everything can freely enter into you. Open all gates, remove every barrier and protection. There is nothing between you and the existence. At that moment, you will be completely filled with everything that is. All the limits of your small self will disappear, and you are all that is.

Expand your existence everywhere

Allow your being to spread everywhere, near and far. Imagine that you do not have any boundaries, and that you exist everywhere. Spread to every direction; permeate all the space, and the whole existence. You are within everything; you dwell in the earth, people, within the all that is. Everywhere you look, you are there. Your existence penetrates and fills the whole existence. All your barriers and boundaries disappear, and you are everything that is.

These two methods will both end to same point; your boundaries and limitations will cease to be. You will become one with the whole, and the illusion of separation will disappear.


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