How to begin meditation


Meditation is very easy to begin. All you need is an open mind. Meditation is a natural experience for human beings. We all have experienced it sometimes. At the moment of deep love, peace and joy you may have experienced the flash of something greater, something more beautiful and mysterious.
These flashes are meditation. We usually experience them very rarely in our normal lives. There is a way to find them intentionally. If you use these meditation methods you can experience these moments every day of your life. Using the right method, the moments of wonder will grow deeper and more frequent, until you can be in meditation always and everywhere. You can experience overflowing love, peace and bliss, and expand your consciousness to understand your true self and the truth of this world.

You can practice meditation while living normal life, and being just an ordinary person. There is no need for any radical changes or beliefs in your life. You do not need any special teachers or complex belief systems. Meditation is possible and available for everyone. There are numerous methods to enter into the state of meditation. All these methods have been made as simple and easy as possible. None of them will require any special skill or knowledge.


How to meditate

This meditation guide has many different methods for meditation. Each method will lead you into the slightly different kind of experience. Some methods can bring bliss; others will lead you into the experience inner peace and love. Others will help you to know the truth about the world and yourself. All these methods have their own unique taste; yet meditation itself is always same. Meditation is an infinite space that includes all possible experiences. All these methods are like different doors that lead to the same space; you can choose any door, and enter into meditation.

Choosing right method

Choose some methods that feel natural and right for you. Experiment with these methods. If you experience something, continue doing that method. If nothing happens, try other one. Listen to yourself, and follow your inner feelings. The right method can take you into meditation easily and effortlessly. All these methods are like keys to within you; you need just find the fitting one. If you cannot feel anything no matter what you do, then do the catharsis practices.

The way to practice

You can meditate eyes open, closed or half open. You can sit cross-legged or on a chair, stand up or lay down. You meditate while moving, or while staying still. Find your own, natural way. Sitting still in a cross-legged position is only one of the possible ways to meditate. Different methods can work better in different positions. Methods that use imagination will work well when lying down. When you use method that requires awareness, it will be better if you can keep your back straight up.


The depth of your meditation experience depends on you. If your experiences are lukewarm, it means your attitude is also like that. Try these methods with intensity and you will find totally a new dimension to them. For example, when you become aware of your breath, feel that the every breath you take is the first breath in your life. And when your body exhales, feel that this is the last breath in your life. Do that for every breath you take. Follow your breathing like your life depends on it. This intensity can transform these methods to something new and powerful.

If it becomes too difficult, and you realize you are using too much effort, relax. Play with meditation, and forget serious attitude. It’s good to do this once in a while. Let go of any effort, and simply play and experiment with these methods.


When you are practicing these methods, your thoughts will eventually stray. You will forget yourself and the method you are doing. That moment when you return to the reality is an important chance. At that moment, become aware of your thoughts. Be aware of the train of thoughts that made you lost, and follow them back. Return in your mind to that moment whem you lost your awareness, just like you would return your own footprints to the point where you lost your way from the path.

This way you will become aware of those mental habits that make you forget yourself and your practice. You will become less and less lost in thoughts, and the next time you will become aware of it much earlier. You will also return directly back to the moment of meditation, and you can continue doing your method at the same point you were before. You can also just return to meditation if you wish, and ignore the movements of your thoughts.

Time and place

Spontaneous method

You can practice these methods whenever and wherever you feel like it. You can spontaneously enter into meditation at any moment you choose. You can experience deep peace, bliss and tranquility at the middle of busy day, or became aware while doing something else. This is natural and spontaneous way of meditating.

Regular method

Another way is to choose a certain place and time for your meditation. You can reserve a space and moment of your day for these methods, and use them only for this purpose. Any corner in your house will do, as long as you use it only for meditation. Meditate on this place always at the same time. Your body and mind will become used to this regular practice, and it will become easier to enter in the right state. This way it will be also easier to use different methods, as you can reserve each their own time.

You can of course meditate both ways. These methods complement each other.

Continuous method

When you have found the best method for you, you can also practice it continuously.  You can be in meditation always and everywhere. Choose only one method for this. Immerse yourself completely into that method. Continue doing it everywhere, in every moment, in everything you do. Then meditation will become a natural part of your being. Deepest meditation will happen with the continuous practice. When you practice that single method from moment to moment, you will stay continuously aware, and your fragmented being will become whole.

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