Meditation on viewpoint


These methods are based on changing your viewpoint. You will change the way you see and experience the world and everything in it. Your worldview will change, and so will your experience of the world. You will change. The world you see is reflection of your own self, and you are reflection of your world. When you change, your world will change. Same happens to the other direction, so if your world changes, you will also change.

These methods are not any philosophies or beliefs. They do not make any claims about the real world; they will help you to experience it yourself. These are methods that allow you to go beyond your limited world. Take one of these methods as your worldview, and keep doing it continuously. See and experience the world with any of these methods.

Continue to live as you have always done, and act same way as before. Any change that will occur, will happen because you see the world with new ways. These methods can cause inner revolution. Then everything will be different, and this change is real and permanent. These methods can reveal you real, authentic world. Then you will not need any specific view or vision. You can see what truly is. The truth is always right here, available for anyone to see.


The world as dream
The first time
Everything as it is
The translucent world


The world like dream

See everything as a dream or illusion

Experience the whole world as if it were just a dream. You are dreaming, and the world is your dream. The world, people, society, everything is just a dream. You, too, are just a dream. Your body is dream, your thoughts, feelings, desires, your whole life is just a dream. Everything you perceive is a dream. Experience the whole existence as a dream.

When everything is a dream, there is no longer need to cling on anything. You are liberated from every constrain, from all bondage. How could just a dream bind you in any way? You can let everything flow free. The world disappears. When everything is a dream, only true one left will be the dreamer. When everything you perceive is a dream, then only the observer, the dreamer, is reality. When you let everything go, you will return to yourself. All illusions and daydreams will disappear. Why dream about future, when everything is already a dream? You are sleepwalker, and the world is your dream.

Your mind is a dream, your ego is a dream, your past and whole life is just a dream. Only the experiencer is reality. This method will help you to return to your true source. This source is something that cannot be object of the perception. It is that which can never be a dream, because it is one which perceives all dreams. It is that which remains when everything is just a dream, illusion. Only that which is true and authentic will remain. Everything else will disappear. Then it is a time for you to wake up from this dream, from all dreams. Wake up, and experience the true reality.


The first time

See and experience everything as it were the first time

View this world and everything as you would see it the first time in your life. Experience everything as it would be your first time to experience them. When you walk down the familiar road, feel as you were doing doing it the first time ever. Watch around you as you would be seeing this scenery the first time in your life. Wonder everything in this existence. See and listen as everything would be always new to you. Using this method, you will become totally pure and innocent again. Your eyes will return to their original innocence, and you will discover the completely new world.

Take this method even deeper. Walk as you would be walking the very first time; take your every step consciously, wonderingly. Wonder this miracle of moving. Every step is always new and fresh, unique in itself. Seeing is the miracle, look with your eyes like the first time, and experience the wonder of light the first time in your life. You hear all the sounds the first time ever, feel every feeling the first time. Everything is always new and strange, and suddenly you are living in the world filled with wonders and miracles.

The past disappears, and only this moment exists. The mind is just the collection of memories, and without your past you will be always fresh and innocent. Then everything will be new and wondrous, again and again. You can wonder your own existence, your own self, and everything that is. Taste the food the first time ever, and eating itself is a miracle.  When you make love, every time is your first time. At this very moment, everything is always new. It's only your mind, your knowledge that made everything old. With this method, you will rediscover your childlike innocence. This will be conscious innocence, and so it will never disappear; it will be always with you.


Everything as it is

See everything just as it is

Take everything as it is. The world, everything that happens, yourself and everything else is just as it is. Become totally neutral, and observe the world just as it appears to be. Do not add or change anything, just experience the true reality as it is.

Your mind is constantly judging everything, and dividing them to the good things and bad things, important and unimportant matters. Mind is like a machine which sorts out everything at the moment you perceive them Stop all this judgment, and just watch, listen and feel. See the world exactly as it is, without any opinion, without prejudices. Open your eyes, and just see. Just listen the sounds, and feel everything your body feels. Experience everything as it is, pure and unadulterated.

When you are completely neutral, your mind will become quiet on its own. When there is no need to decide or judge anything, you can just relax. The fighting stops. When there are no more differences, mind will disappear. When you judge and divide yourself and the world, you will be divided. When all the dividing ceases, you have become whole. There will be no need to struggle or attempt to control everything. When everything as it is, you have no need to change anything. You can leave everything be as it is, and just observe. All that is, simply is. When you realize this, you are immediately liberated.

Take everything as it is. Everything that happens, other people, the world, all just is. Let go of all judgments. Allow everything to be as it is, including you. When something happens to you or others, simply observe it, just notice it as it is. Perceive what truly happens. Act when you need to act, but without any judgment. When you meet other people, just watch and listen. The state of your mind and emotions is constantly changing. Simply observe it as it is. Then you will be able to encounter your own reality. You will be able see what you truly are, and what this world truly is. The reality will be revealed when you let go of your judgments. It was just hidden your own illusions, your own preconceptions.

You have tried to change things for so long. Now it is time to see what truly is there, and what truly is real. What you really are, and what is this mysterious world around you. Only when you know, only then you can decide anything real. Let go of illusions, and perceive the reality. You will become like a pure mirror, reflecting everything exactly as it is. Things happen, the world moves on. Thoughts and emotions change, you change. All this, all that exists, is reflected on this mirror. The mirror simply reveals the truth as it is, only the truth and nothing else. And the truth is enough by itself. It contains everything in it; you, the world, everything.



The translucent world

See the world as translucent, ever-living presence

Perceive the whole existence as translucent, eternally living and conscious presence. Trees and hills, the earth beneath your feet, everything consists of this translucent light. Everything is conscious and present. Other people, buildings, even stones, everything is of this translucent, living presence. Experience this presence every time you touch anything. Feel that you can touch directly this living light. See translucent light everywhere. You can look within this translucent world. The sky, clouds, moon and stars, everything is this translucent presence.  You are walking on the earth made of translucent light, and everything is fully present and aware of you.

When everything is this translucent presence, experience the air around you as this living light. It surrounds you everywhere, and embraces you. You are constantly breathing in and out this ever-living presence. When you realize this, see yourself as this same translucent light. You, too, are of this ever-living presence. The whole is the ocean of translucent, conscious light. Everything that exists is embodiment of this translucent, ever-living presence.



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